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How to enter

  1. Review the entry form and gather the necessary resources required (words, pictures, architectural plans, permissions)
  2. Complete the entry form, uploading the supporting documents
  3. Confirm your entry by paying the required entry fee

Download entry checklist

We’ve prepared a helpful checklist to download as you prepare your entry. Once you have gathered your entry responses you will need to submit them via the form below.

Special Note

Please prepare your entry carefully as entries are unable to be edited after submission.

Enter the 2024 Australian Library Design Awards

Please complete the form below. As the form is completed, additional fields will be made available. Please ensure you complete all required fields. A copy of your entry form will be emailed to you on successful submission of the form.

The following sections invite you to promote the success of your library project to the awards panel. Please address the criteria listed within the maximum word allocation. Dot points may be used.

Describe the library service, parent organisation where necessary and appropriate and the nature of the community served.

Why was the project necessary and what were the objectives of the library design?

Describe the design characteristics: interior, exterior appearance, visual impact, flexibility, innovation, accessibility, and integration into the local environment, urban context and public realm. Consideration to responsiveness around carbon footprint and durability.

Describe the approach to achieving organisational, service and design objectives, response to special considerations or challenges, sustainability, and value for money.

How was the community engagement and needs analysis undertaken, from initial identification through concept to delivery?

Describe the impact on users and the wider community, user experience, efficiency, functionality, delivery of services and meeting community needs. Results of surveys or consultations undertaken are particularly useful with a tabular presentation of data.

Describe the positive contribution your library has played in the making of great places within the immediate area that are inclusive, connected and welcoming.

Provide graphic information to illustrate the attributes of the project. Information should be selective, not voluminous and include explanatory floor plans, site plan and streetscape photographs or illustrations showing urban context. Choose FilesNo Files ChosenAccepted file types: jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, mov, qt, mpeg, mpg, mpe, mp4, m4v, webm, csv, pdf, doc, pot, pps, ppt, xla, xls, xlt, xlw, docx, xlsx, pptx, numbers, pages. Max. file size: 2 MB


Project information and images release


Entry rights

Entry Fees (Payable upon invoice) NB. Your entry is confirmed once payment is received.

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